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Jeri Jacobs Chaillaux 2

James Marshall Chaillaux 3

Sean Fahey Mahan 4 South

jessica wininger French Lick 4 North

Jessica Green Leipsic 2

Johnny Dillard Roosevelt

Stacy Slaten Valeene 3

Brandy Terrell Roosevelt

Heather Leatherman Roosevelt

Abigayle Newkirk Mahan 4 South

Shannon Salmon Leipsic 4

Fred Jones Mahan 3

Nancy Richardson Chaillaux 3

Karen Comer Valeene 3

Crystal Edwards Leipsic 3

Tonya Bowles Valeene 4 West

Kyle Ehinger Leipsic 4

William Vincent Mahan 4 South

Beverly Dillard Mahan 4 South

Cyrus Lynn Gilliatt French Lick 2 East

Christian Smith Roosevelt

Mary Anne Knapp Leipsic 3

William Hack Chaillaux 1

Matt Sowders Spring Mill 1 West

Danielle Newton Valeene 3

Sara James Spring Mill 2

Mary Duncan French Lick 2 West

Connie Hoffman Mahan 3

Owen Hobbs Spring Mill 1 East

Connie Smith Spring Mill 1 West

Ginger Breeden Roosevelt

Shirley Wagner Spring Mill 4

Corey Rash Roosevelt

Debbie Wilson Roosevelt

Nancy Glair Spring Mill 1 East

Paul Guetig Mahan 2

Ben Lindsey Abydel 3

Rhonda Orr Abydel 3

William Green Spring Mill 1 West

Ronald Rhoades Roosevelt

Winston Ray & Paulette Purkhiser Abydel 3

Sharon Roberts Leipsic 2

Christina Harris Leipsic 2

Timothy Hellner Valeene 4 East

John Hopping Leipsic 1

Ted Larrison Roosevelt

Patty McMahan French Lick 4 North

Sue Hamlin Spring Mill 2

Mark Bennett Spring Mill 1 East

Michelle DeWitt Mahan 2

Maggie Johnson Mahan 4 North

severn harper French Lick 4 North

Eric Shipman Valeene 4 West

Laura Ewen Valeene 2 North


lynn ramage Leipsic 2

Glenn Leone Mahan 4 South

Josiah McSpadden Roosevelt

Natalie Houchin Leipsic 2

Jo Anne Heinz Chaillaux 4

Theresa Pemberton Spring Mill 1 West

Matt Jacobs Abydel 2

Dawn Bratton Roosevelt

Nicole Cooper Leipsic 3

Cory Rayhill Leipsic 2

Dessica Albertson Valeene 4 East

Trista Rue French Lick 4 North

lyndel manship Mahan 4 South

Susanne Bishop French Lick 2 West

Bobby Busick Leipsic 4

Gwen Mcclintock French Lick 2 West

marsha watson French Lick 4 South

Gordon Bell Leipsic 1, French Lick 4 North

Christopher Alan Fields French Lick 2 East

Jesse Loewen Mahan 2

Daniel Becker Mahan 3

Charles Cissell Mahan 2

Kerry Gnadinger Valeene 2 South

Dolores Johnson Valeene 3

Bailey Wilcox Leipsic 2

Michael Noblitt Roosevelt

Colby Littlepage French Lick 2 West

Bobbi Terry Spring Mill 1 West

Jonthan Hayes Valeene 2 South

Robert Vaal French Lick 4 South

Leslea Kerby Abydel 2

Tanya Knight Mahan 3

Collin King French Lick 2 East

Camille Keys French Lick 2 East

Jason Duff Mahan 2

Ciera Dixon Valeene 3

Sandra Brown Leipsic 2

Neil Boyce Valeene 4 West

Sheila Gatrost Valeene 2 North

Rick Porter Spring Mill 1 East

Clifton Odle Spring Mill 1 East

jessica wininger Abydel 3

David Percifield Spring Mill 3

Lowell Krise Spring Mill 1 East

Gary Porter Spring Mill 1 East

Gabriel Stewart Valeene 4 West

Brian Campbell Valeene 4 West

Steven Addis Leipsic 1

Aaron Boatright Mahan 4 North

Timothy Martin French Lick 4 North

Jan Reynolds Spring Mill 3

Josh Melton Spring Mill 3

Charles Clifford Chaillaux 4

Andy Bundy Spring Mill 2

Morris Allen Chaillaux 3

STELLA STURGILL French Lick 4 North

Anthony Dorsett Chaillaux 1

Amber Castetter Spring Mill 2

SUSAN STEIN French Lick 2 East

Diana Green Leipsic 2

Kaitlyn Kull-Harper Mahan 2

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